Monday, January 08, 2007

Two Years of Citizens Band

Exactly one year ago, I wrote about how this blog has expanded my awareness of politics and current events, improved my writing and persuasive skills, and given me the ability to independently analyze and provide context to important issues. One year later, all of that is more true than ever before. I feel like I've finally become comfortable writing at length and in detail in ways that offer a fresh perspective compared to what is heard from the media, public figures, or other blogs.

As I look forward to another great year on this site, I'd like to use the 2nd anniversary of Citizens Band to higlight below a selection of fifteen of my favorite posts since this blog was launched in January 2005:

Submission (to Fear) - Feb. 1, 2005 - In Europe, freedom of expression is under assault and multiculturalism is in decay.
Dude Where's My Freedom? - Feb. 20, 2005 - Freedom needs spreading here in the U.S.
Middle School in a Maelstrom - Mar. 13, 2005 - Marc Fisher unfairly attacks Takoma Park MS.
Durbin, Gitmo, and What Really Needs to be Said - Jun. 19, 2005 - Sidestepping a real debate over human rights vs. security.
Future of Terrorism Determined by Muslims - Jul. 9, 2005 - The Muslim world needs to deny terrorists' their sense of moral authority.
An Evolving Understanding of Our Origins - Aug. 13, 2005 - A reader debates intelligent design.
Crappy News Network - Aug. 21, 2005 - Sick of news stories about missing white women.
What They Don't Understand - Sep. 11, 2005 - Terrorism doesn't offer a constructive message for the future.
Google, China, and Do No Evil - Jan. 24, 2006 - A post that was quoted in the Financial Times.
Finish Your Homework! - Mar. 20, 2006 - We're not losing to China and India...yet.
Permanent Records - Apr. 17, 2006 - A D'back column on the ominous online archive.
On Elite Colleges and Success - May 27, 2006 - What advantages does a top-tier education have?
The Daily Subversion with Jon Stewart? - Jun. 28, 2006 - It's smart comedy, not propaganda.
Defensible Action by Israel - Jul. 16, 2006 - Readers debate the impact of the invasion of Lebanon.
Bush, Iraq, and the Missing Sacrifice - Dec. 5, 2006 - An ill-prepared public can't face a long haul in Iraq.

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you've done quite well! congrats