Monday, October 30, 2006

Google Boosting

A recent NY Times article about how certain advocacy groups are using sophisticated tactics to manipulate Google's results on certain searches reminded me of that old "miserable failure" gag that pointed users to the official web site of President Bush. I got to thinking that I may as well try and exert some influence on my own Google presence by creating a list of favorable references to myself. So, as an experiment, here goes:

Jay Nargundkar - link to this blog, Citizens Band
Jay Nargundkar - link to my group sports blog, Da Sports Authority
Jay Nargundkar - link to my Blogger profile
Jay Nargundkar - link to a search for my Diamondback columns
Jay Nargundkar - link to a Jan '06 Financial Times article I was cited by name in
Jay Nargundkar - link to an online column by Marc Fisher of the Washington Post, referencing our then-ongoing battle over the Takoma Park MS Florida Trip

And for good measure, my headshot for the online version of my Diamondback column, in the hopes I can get this on Google Image Search:

Jay Nargundkar

I will check back in a few weeks and see if this has made any difference.

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