Tuesday, July 25, 2006

CB on Hiatus

Introducing "Da Sports Authority"...the new home for all my sports writing!

Not everyone who's noticed the protracted length since my last post is aware that I'm currently taking some time off of Citizens Band to work on another project. In late July, I created a sports blog called Da Sports Authority. Unlike the Citizens Band, which is really just a collection of occasional short essays, Da Sports Authority stays true to the actual concept of a blog, with daily posts, lots of links, and multimedia. Da Sports Authority is also a group venture; I've invited some friends who had no prior blogging experience to try their hand at sports writing on the site. Some have turned out to be great at this; others, not so much, and hence I'm still open to adding new contributors to the site.

It's actually been pretty refreshing to take a break from writing about serious topics in politics and current events and focus on sports and pop culture. That said, I intend to resume writing on Citizens Band at the frequency I did before, hopefully beginning around mid-September.