Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my dad! Representing the true blogging family, his Sunday reminisce focuses on the curious political alignments in our house.

For the rest of you, hope you had a good one. Check out the new Nike commercial in which Tiger Woods pays tribute to his own dad, who recently passed away. It's quite touching.

On a separate note, beware a blogger scorned, as this Pearls Before Swine illustrates (click to enlarge):

(Hey, we like comments.)


Life'scomfort said...

Hi brother, all you have to do to get trafic to your site is, always tag your posts, update always and try and put comments on other people's site, when they see your comments, they'll reply you.Then you'll get more links and visitors.

Andrew said...

Your dad just related your family to the Keatons, and he pulled out a "the Decider" to describe Bush.

Big thumbs up from the pop culture junkie!

jessica said...

your dad has a blog! that's _amazing_!

...clearly i should have better things to do at work.