Monday, March 20, 2006

Tags Calls it Quits

The announcement today that NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue will retire this summer after serving for the past 16 years was a bit of surprise to most. "Tags", who succeeded the legendary Pete Rozelle, has been at the helm of the NFL for almost my entire life. And what a terrific job he did!

Football today is the indisputable favorite sport in America today, and none of the three other professional leagues comes close. Baseball may be the "national pastime", but casual baseball fans started deserting that sport a decade ago, and even serious fans today see a sport diluted by scandal and lack of excitement. Basketball's popularity peaked in the mid-90s, but following the retirement of the superstars of the Michael Jordan generation, went into a malaise that it is only now slowly coming out of. And hockey...haha, well that never had a chance.

I read with appreciation Dan Wetzel's remembrance of Tagliabue's contribution to the game. As we wait for the announcement of his successor, I have only one thought--sorry Condi ($), you're "under contract" till '08!

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ABT said...

Ah yes, the illustrious New York Times. So eager are they to provide the world with news that they charge you to see articles from just last week. You really must stop linking those.

Ok, just realized what "($)" means. Still.