Friday, March 17, 2006

Gatorade: "Winning Formula"

What if Michael Jordan had missed "The Shot" against the Cavaliers in 1989? Or if Derek Jeter's flip to Jorge Posada in the 2001 MLB playoffs didn't get Jeremy Giambi at the plate? Or if Dwight Clark dropped "The Catch"?

Gatorade's new "Winning Formula" commercial is one of the most clever ads I have seen in a long time. In a similar vein to Burger King's amusing series of commercials featuring "the King" edited into football highlight reel plays, Gatorade has edited some of the most memorable moments in sports to show you what they would have looked like had they gone wrong. The computerized manipulation is flawless--if you've never seen the original plays, you wouldn't know the difference!

I hit rewind on my Tivo twice to watch this commercial again--it's that good. Click on the play button below to view:

I hope they turn this into a series of commercials featuring even more altered sports moments. Very cool!

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