Monday, February 27, 2006

Muhammad Cartoon Craziness

It hasn't been the greatest couple of weeks for blogging. School and work have made deep cuts into my free time, and the leading stories in the news of late haven't struck me as all that fascinating.

I refrained from commenting on Dick Cheney's hunting accident, because after all, what more was it than a tragic incident for the attorney shot and ripe picking for the late night comics? After I found out that the Veep wasn't drunk or otherwise negligent when he filled Harry Whittington with buck shot, I lost interest.

Then there's the current flap over the UAE port deal, which looks to me to be a cheap excuse for the Democrats to try and run to the right of President Bush on a security issue. Everything I've read about the deal indicates that the Dubai company has a great track record and that their taking over six American ports will not jeopardize our security.

The other big story to dominate the news this month, of course, is the storm over the Muhammad cartoons. I finally tackled the controversy in a column for today's Diamondback, though by now I hope this will serve as a retrospective and we can finally stop reading about burned down embassies.

Regular blogging to commence next week, or that's my intention at least. In the mean time, check out the following links that helped shape my views with regard to the cartoon controversy.

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