Friday, April 15, 2005

Nats Win Home Opener

Recently, my academic schedule has unfortunately kept me away from this site for far too long. But now I'm back, and bringing good news of great personal importance: The boys are back in town. Professional baseball celebrated its return to the nation's capital tonight after more than thirty years, when the Washington Nationals hosted the Arizona Diamondbacks at RFK Stadium. And I'm proud to say that, thanks to eBay, I was in attendance at this historic game.

No, nothing could have stopped me this night. Not the suffocatingly crowded Metro trains, nor the agonizingly slow security check to get in, nor the ridiculously overpriced food and merchandise. Tonight, the surprisingly successful (thus far) Nats defeated the DBacks as Livan Hernandez took a 1-hit shutout into the 9th inning. The home crowd was raucous. The environment was, in my opinion, better than what Baltimore offers. RFK, previously much-maligned, seemed to satisfy everyone I heard tonight that it was a perfectly serviceable venue.

Best of all, with a 6-4 record, these former Expos find themselves in an unfamiliar position at the top of the NL East. Time to get on the bandwagon, folks. Baseball is here in DC--and it is rockin'!

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